Assigned to specific areas is also the maximum amount of support for the project and the minimum and maximum number of potential customers.

By | November 19, 2019

We are talking about education, about the pursuit of jednozmianowości, small classes (…). We showed a 4-year high school, school industry, the primary school XXI century “- podkreśliła.Ustawa this was adopted in December by the parliament and signed by the president in January Andrzej Duda. According to it, from 1 September 2017. Will begin educational reform, in which, among others, will be changed the structure of schools. In place of the existing types will be introduced 8-year-old primary school, high school, 4-year and 5-year technical schools and two-stage industry; secondary schools are to be liquidated. “In 2017 years the most important thing is calm, in full cooperation with parents, teachers and principals and local government implementation of the reform” – stressed Zalewska. – There were individual cases. Consumers mostly complained that the standard of the hotel ordered by them differs from the description offered.

Other problems include eg. Change of the dates of departure, niewliczanie obligatory fees in the price stated on the agreement, imposing a fixed fee when a consumer makes changes to contract terms – lists Malvina Buszko, the press office of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Customers in trace the patterns of agreements used by the offices of prohibited clauses infringing collective consumer interests. It for example, provisions on the possibility of a complaint by the customer, which should be prepared to document office, which does not attach it to the contract and can not be downloaded from the internet, cancel his contract, which is associated with a charge it to discourage, while the offices have the right to cancel the event without costs. And finally applying to the duties of clients belonging to the organizer – eg. Check the terms of departure, which should inform the office.

See also: How to pay while on holiday in countries that do not belong to the euro zone »Wide catalog of allegations in the complaint was that went to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. An individual who submitted it does not hide the fact that in this way would give the faster running. The complaint also refers to Ithaca, it is the alleged violation of the Act on tourist services and the failure to make taxes on all your income. The main point of collection tourists mandatory amounts payable on the spot and do not fall in the price of the trip for which the customer does not receive a receipt. This practice, which also use other offices. As learned the DGP, the complaint was sent after the office did not respond to the complaint lodged longer trips during its term in late April and May, and then when you return. There was no answer despite numerous attempts to contact the office, as telephone and written, and when it came, was negative.

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that met her lawyer threats from the tour operator. – The defense did not last long. We received it by e-mail on May 23 with a demand for payment. Previously, the action did not affect us. The client contacted by telephone, by submitting comments to the implementation of the program, which has changed, expecting in return provide a replacement, which has been met by us. In addition, the May 27 responded that raised in the written complaint, problems require a detailed explanation and the answer will be sent within 30 days. Our lawyer sent on June 25, exceeding slightly declared deadline – tells Paul Koterbicki, head of the Customer Service Center of Ithaca, adding that the period of 30 days specified in the contract is instructive, and the applicable regulations do not impose on the organizer’s obligation to reply within that period, as client does not have a designated fixed date for filing the complaint. – I note that if the client is not satisfied with the way their complaint consideration, we are open to further talks and substantial discussion, as is usually the case in such situations, because we want an amicable conclusion of the dispute – adds Koterbicki.

See also: Money for tickets for the canceled flight should return travel agency, not the carrier “Anna Ulman, MSIT spokesman, confirmed that a complaint to the Ministry of individuals are not common practice. This confirms that the Ministry of the matter was, and gave it to explain to the competent authorities. It is all about the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Ministry of Finance and the Office for Personal Data Protection. In addition, in explaining any irregularities will help the Marshal Office of the Opole Province, which is a registered body and to exercise direct supervision over Ithaca. – We will monitor the operation of offices and wait for information on how to address the issue by not – MSIT press office. How to safely apartment rent B / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); = id; js.src = “” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, ” VT-SDK “)); / ** / Ithaca Management believes the allegations are absurd. – We are too large and experienced company to operate on the market, breaking the rules.

We can not afford for it to acquire customers at a time, and such activities to that would be boiled. Furthermore, we are constantly subjected to inspections. Therefore, any irregularities have been revealed before – explains Piotr Henicz, vice president of Ithaca, and adds that the patterns used by the agency agreements have been prepared in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Tourism. – Of course it is not that we do not commit errors. That is why we care and to come to an explanation of this situation – emphasizes Piotr Henicz. The Internet is for the twenty-first century what electricity was in the twentieth century. It makes life easier and creates almost unlimited possibilities. For telecommunications companies is a challenge, to stimulate the development and perspective source of income.

Recent years have been a period of great investments in infrastructure to enable access to the network. And although it would seem that the internet is not completely universal, yet in many places is still scarce. Office of Electronic Communications currently has over 33 thousand. addresses applications in Poland, where there is no access to fixed internet. While the investments in larger towns are profitable, the cost of bringing high-speed permanent Internet connection to sparsely populated areas is very high in terms of potential user. Therefore, such investments are covered by non-repayable support from the European Funds. In contrast, companies implementing investments, gaining a chance to profit, and in addition can count on favorable pożyczki.Centrum Projects Digital Poland announced on November 10 already the third competition for the financing of investments aimed at eliminating regional differences in the ability to access broadband internet. Projects should provide for the construction of NGA networks, providing guaranteed bandwidth of at least 30 Mbit / s to the end user in the case of households, and 100 Mb / s with respect to educational institutions and public hospitals.

Will be acceptable only projects whose main objective is to deploy access networks, namely providing Internet directly to użytkowników.Inwestycje should be implemented in the areas indicated in the competition documentation. Assigned to specific areas is also the maximum amount of support for the project and the minimum and maximum number of potential customers. Applicants also have available a list of educational institutions and public hospitals, which require connection to a permanent, high speed internet access. Filling in an application, a trader selects from the drop-down list the name of the area where the planned investments. After selecting the area, the system automatically completes the field for the province, district and commune and the maximum amount dofinansowania.O support can apply for telecom companies – both small and medium-sized as well as large i need help with statistics. The maximum level of funding may be as high as 85 percent. eligible costs.

Applications will be accepted until April 20, and the results of the competition is scheduled for the third quarter of next year. Projects that receive support should start no later than four months after the signing of the financing agreement. Maximum execution time of three years. The pool of funds provided for the current competition is nearly 2 billion zł. For comparison, the total budget of the first two contests amounted to 3.6 billion zł. Investments, which have already been signed financing contracts, to ensure access to the network for more than 1.3 million households.

For companies that received the most support among Orange Poland (768 million zł), a company Nokia Group (518 million zł) and INEA (200 million zł). A total of 134 projekty.Dla implement telecommunications companies that plan to invest not require subsidies, loans are attractive co-financed by the Polish Digital. The means for this purpose, amounting to more than 1.75 billion zł, it has BGK. He so chooses. operators who-without indirect support companies interested in such a form of support. For now, the so-called. loan broadband started to offer Alior Bank.

Including his own contribution has to be allocated 46 million zł. Until the end of November BGK recruits for the next intermediaries such pożyczek.Minimalna value of the loan is 20 thousand. zł, and the maximum can be up to 10 million zł. The repayment period can be up to 15 years, and at the outset pożyczko recipient can count on 30 months grace period. Due to the EU co-financing interest rate is more attractive than that offered in commercial products. This difference is de minimis aid. The value obtained previously help by applying for a loan can affect oprocentowanie.- offer is available only from September, and so far telecommunication companies have already submitted 21 applications for a total loan broadband wo-lumenie more than 70 million zł – informs Julian Krzyzanowski Alior Bank. Loan broadband, as well as grant supports the construction of modern infrastructure with high bandwidth – min.

30 Mb / s. Investments may be implemented on a white, gray or black NGA areas defined by the Ministry of Digitization. They may include part of both passive and active broadband network for the benefit of end users, ie. Customers access to the Internet. In particular, the measures may be used to cover the costs of: – works, building materials and supply and installation of elements of broadband infrastructure; – preparing the documentation necessary to carry out the work; – the necessary supervision (eg. Archaeological, construction, author, investor) – investment related to the construction of passive broadband infrastructure; – the acquisition of the rights to dispose of the property associated with the implementation of the project; – supply, installation and commissioning of telecommunications equipment constituting the infrastructure of active broadband network – the installation of cables and ducts leading to buildings and dwellings as well as within them; – active network elements placed or installed in buildings, – active network elements, such as. telecommunication devices, including the radio equipment installed in a telecommunications core network and distribution – action information and publicity, provided that they are directly related to the implemented przedsięwzięciem.Nie can therefore be financed: – current operations of the telecommunications company (eg. repayment of current liabilities, administrative costs); – remuneration of employees of the investor – a tax on goods and services, – expenditure relating to electronic equipment directly to end users, ie. laptops, personal computers, telephones, smartphones, tablets. The only measurable and its immediate effect will be a collection of the 15 percent of the assets held in the funds. They are useful to reduce increased by PiS election promises budget holes.

The argument that it’s fair, because the payment of a pension from ZUS are subject to income tax is true, but does not explain the choice of the moment in which the government takes money. In the case of new accounts too, after all this could be done at the time of transfer of people, as with pensions, that is, at the end of the process, not the beginning. But then there would be no benefit in this fiscal year and next. With the introduction of “transformative charge” will transfer cash to the government, that is the only tangible concrete entire financial operacji.zobacz also Rafalska: Expenditure to support people with disabilities increased by 4 billion zł »Why no government program PPK our lives would be better» The rest of the story expediency by the way of this transformation by Prime Morawiecki is a combination of fairy tales and untruths. When he says that “100 percent of the funds from pension funds pass on private retirement accounts,” it is wrong way twice. Firstly, not 100 percent, only 85 percent because 15 after all take a moment.

Second, there is the question of what it means to “private”. If you can call private property, which can not be disposed of? You can not sell it, nor to spend on what you want, you can not even decide for themselves what to invest it. Please note that in this context, the new solutions are no different from existing funds. There, we could not touch the accumulated assets, we could not sell them or have an impact on management. I also had to get them until retirement.

Besides against collection by the government collected 15 percent of the pension funds of changing anything else. Translating the assets of the mandatory pension funds voluntary de facto deduct an IRA retirement itself. Because “private” funds from the IRA after reaching the retirement age will not turn into a pension, which is paid regularly every month, until death. In the case of IRA savings simply get access to all funds in the account, and we can do with them what we want. This is the way a little bit absurd – compulsory pension system protects part of our current income from immediate overeating and overvoltage in order to finance what was the system by which we get a lifetime pension. In the case of the IRA law does not allow us to overeat and przepić immediately part of our property just to give us such an opportunity on 65 or 60 urodziny.Z other hand, the effect such a transformation will reduce the value of assets in pension funds to zero, and still just OFE They had a small, but nevertheless affect the amount of future pension. So the second effect of changes proposed by the government, although it will not be effective immediately, will reduce our state pensions.

In return, we have the opportunity to develop our IRA wealth through capital investments, or through our obarczaniu property market risk. Firstly, it may mean that the result will be loss of investment or profit depressingly small.

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